Boiler Service & Safety Checks

Boiler servicing & Landlord Certificates Newport, Cardiff & Bridgend

Complete boiler service package 

Rubber Duck Heating Services provide experts in Gas and boiler safety. That’s why we offer our gas safe services to our local community. We provide boiler servicing throughout Newport and the surrounding areas as well as complete landlord gas safety checks.

Boiler Servicing

Not only does boiler servicing ensure the safe running of your boiler, it also makes your boiler more efficient and prevents future issues or breakdowns. Servicing your boiler annually will also prolong the lifespan - postponing the need for an early boiler replacement.

We are currently offering a boiler service from only £60. Select the button below and fill out our contact form to take advantage of this fantastic offer. 

Check your boiler warranty terms!

Many manufacturer warranties will not be valid unless you have been carrying out an annual service. This is because manufacturers know the importance of keeping your boiler serviced the increased chances of a breakdown if it is neglected. 

What is carried out during our boiler service?

Rubber Duck Heating Services follow the latest guidelines to ensure that our boiler service checks are thorough and cover all recommendations by top governing bodies. 

What we check:

  • Make sure the boiler is burning the correct mixture of gases
  • Checking the safety devices are in working condition
  • Check the condition of electrical connections
  • Make sure water and gas pipes are in good condition
  • Gas flow and pressure are checked
  • Leaks from boiler 
  • Ensure condensate pipe is clear from any obstruction
  • Making sure boiler parts are in good condition
  • Cleaning central heating filters if fitted 
  • Integrity of flue 

Landlord Gas Safety Checks

A landlord Gas Safety check involves checking all Gas Appliances in your rental property ensuring that each meet the latest standards in gas safety. A valid landlord gas safety certificate is a legal requirement and must also be completed any time your tenant. 

During a gas safety inspection, your boiler and any other gas appliances are checked by a gas safe engineer. Our aim is to ensure that all of your gas appliances are running safely and check any signs of wear and tear as well as potential future hazards. 

Go with Rubber Duck Heating Service for gas safety

With over extensive knowledge and experience working with gas safety in the Newport, Cardiff and Bridgend areas, you can rely on us for servicing and safety. To get booked in for a boiler service or to get your landlord gas safety certificate, call us today on 07494 542 525 or reach us through our contact form.

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