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Rubber Duck Heating Services provide a stress free boiler repair service designed to get you back up and running. With our vast amount of knowledge and experience in the heating and gas industry, we have you covered for any boiler issues you are experiencing. 

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Always opt for Gas Safe Registered engineers to carry out any gas related repair, installation or service. 

Boilers, at some point in their lifespan, are likely to experience faults and breakdowns due to the complex nature and large amount of moving parts. Often with boiler repair, catching problems early can mean the difference between a quick repair job and a breakdown, which in some cases may result in you needing a replacement boiler. Spotting boiler issues early and calling out a gas safe engineer is a sure-fire way of avoiding larger scale issues down the line. 

What signs to look out for:

  • Radiator faults 

Radiator faults can sometimes mean more than just needing a bleed. Low pressure as well as a faulty pump are likely culprits for radiator faults once you have ruled out a bleeding issue. 

  • Decreased efficiency and higher monthly bills

If your monthly bills are increasing, there may be something with your system that is causing your boiler to be less efficient.  We recommend calling in an expert to investigate this problem further and prevent more increase in your monthly bills. 

Regular servicing can help to keep these types of issues at bay. Find out more about our annual servicing by clicking here.  

  • Leeks

Leeks, no matter how small, should be repaired as soon as you spot them. Not only can a prolonged leak cause structural damage to your property, it can also cause a number of issues, including low pressure in your boiler system. 

  • Whistling, Ketlling or banging from your boiler

Unusual noises from your boiler should always be checked by a Gas Safe Registered engineer as soon as you spot them. These types of noises are more often than not caused by deeper issues in your boiler such as build up of excess air or limescale as well as a pump failure. 

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