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Boiler installation Newport, Cardiff & Bridgend 

Gas Safe boiler installation

We have extensive experience installing boilers in both domestic and commercial settings. Rubber Duck Heating Services are experts in our vast knowledge of the inner workings of boilers makes us great candidates for installing a new boiler in your home. We work to the highest standards and install boilers safely using high quality materials. 

On the fence about a boiler upgrade?

At times getting a new boiler is a tough decision however there are many reasons to upgrade your boiler - especially if your boiler is beginning to show its age. 

If your boiler is over 15 years old

Unfortunately as boilers reach a certain age, the cost of running or repairs outweigh the cost of an upgrade. Once your boiler is reaching this age, you will likely be paying more than what you should in your monthly bills and are likely prone to needing repair work. Not only this, new standards in energy efficiency have meant that replacing a new boiler is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Experiencing frequent boiler breakdowns?

A well serviced boiler should not need constant repair work and oftentimes, it could be a sign that your boiler needs replacing. 

There are also those situations where a repair job and the cost to repair individual boiler components and repair exceeds the cost of a new boiler. Especially when taking into account the savings you will make on your monthly bills after upgrading.

Noticing an increase in your monthly bills?

As a boiler ages it is inevitable that your monthly bills will slowly creep up. When a boiler is reaching the end of its lifespan you will likely notice an significant increase in your monthly bills. 

Ways a new boiler can save you money

Despite the initial cost of a boiler installation, upgrading to a new boiler can help you save money with the inclusion of modern technology and advancements in boiler efficiency

Go smart

Most modern boiler interface with smart technology meaning that you’ll have the ability to turn your heating on and off, monitor your usage and set timers easily from your phone

More efficient

The increased efficiency of modern boilers mean that you could save on your monthly bills. Often a boiler upgrade can end up cover the cost due to the large amount of saving you will get per month

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